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Unsa Shah

She is an expert in this profession... Wow... I feel v relaxed when I took reading thank you Ankita Roy I am so grateful....

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Raj Sehgal

Ultimate readings..Thanks Ankita for motivating me..Feeling so much better.. thanks

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Diana Lama

God bless u ... keep on helping people to get solutions to their problems .... I don't believe people very fast but u are bang on...

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Sialy Gagandeep Singh

Finaly Testimonial for AK At some point of life guidance is required to set right our steps when we are confused !!stuck !! Felling stressed. When I met her I was in a different state of mind puzzled with things . But session changed thing upto great extent Now I found answers to my questions very appropriately

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Soniya Khanna

I met this beautiful angel Ankita roy at the Fairytales in Ashoka ..and i was amazed at her talent when she could tell me what i am ..more than the comfort i got from her healed me wthn nd i could actually see things moving for me ...all she predicted about me was so true

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Dinesh Ahuja

Thanks Ankita for opening my eyes to new stages of opportunity n strength . I will forever be grateful for your guidance . Keep on helping people . God bless you.

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Nitin A Goyal

Tarot card readings is very enlightening ! and Very spiritual also.... It cheered someone up and give a hope and faith. May Your card reading will b just perfect and you state a lot of things u know but secretly don't want to admit. May people find your words comforting and uplifting....

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I have been to few readers earlier however with you it was completely different.Ankita I must say that there is something special about the way you conduct your sessions.For me it was not really about the comfort part but it was the ease with which you connected with me which I could feel.You have abundance of positive energy which you just keep sharing with people.You have a beautiful soul.God bless you.You are truly an angel.

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