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Have you ever had to deal with problems and mysteries surrounding your life? Wondered where the solutions are going to come from? Well, you have come to the right place. At Quixotic Energy Solutions, the brainchild of Ms. Ankita Roy, we offer you solutions that you have been searching for indenitely. Our incredible range of services and products provide sure-shot solutions to all kinds of problems you may have been dealing with in the recent past or situations, you are sceptical of dealing in the future. Therefore, in choosing us, you are guaranteed to lead a peaceful and happy life!

ABOUT Ankita Roy

Ankita Roy is the founder of Quixotic Energy Solutions. A company that offers professional and in-depth life solutions to each and every question and problems we face in our daily lives. Ever since her childhood, she has been extremely fascinated by the unknown, universal and divine energies around. It is this curiosity that drove her and continues to drive her to decipher and nd solutions to people's problems. Through various services and products that she offers like Tarot Cards, EFT Techniques, Reiki, Numerology, Aura & Chakra Reading, Angel Cards, NLP, Meditation, and DNA Healing Reiki, Ankita makes sure to provide simple and effective answers that her clients seek and thereby provide them peace of mind, leading them to a better life.

The inquisitive mind that Ankita Roy has, tempted her to dig deep into the mystic world and emerge out of it enriched and full of solutions. In addition to having this ever-growing curiosity about the mystic world and its solutions, Ankita is blessed to have the support and blessings of her Gurus, the Universe, and Angels. Equipped with all these and more, Ankita continues to rule to world of mysticism and lives by her mission to provide solutions to her clients and bring smiles on their faces.

Her mystical energies coupled with vast knowledge are what Quixotic Energy Solutions stands for. If you have been looking for a gateway that will address all your problems and bring back satisfaction in you, this is the right place!